Web Development

CrosscutWoodWorks LLC

For less than $1,000 we were able to put together a very professional looking website for CrosscutWoodworks LLC. By using industry standard tools like wordpress we can make professional sites at a fraction of the cost.

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If your looking for a custom website, we can help. We can build your site industry standard languages like PHP, MySQL & CSS. With this customization we can build e-commerce sites or web applications like

NoSignal MySpace Page

If you need a professional looking myspace page we can help. For the band No Signal we were able to make their myspace page look much better.

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Video Production

In addition to building web sites, flash games and web applications we can help you video tape your special event.

We will video tape the event. Edit the taping by enhancing colors, sound correction, adding logical menus and chapters and duplicate your DVDs. We package your DVDs in a high quality case with beautiful custom artwork to match your event.